Bertie's Book Club 2

 Photo by  Thought Catalog  on  Unsplash

Hi guys and thank you all for coming back for another round of Bertie's Book Club. I just finished writing finals and I am so excited because I can finally enjoy my summer and write as many posts as I want. I hope you are all ready for the book suggestions I will be giving you for this month.

During finals, I was so stressed and I can assure you that this books really helped me to relax and just concentrate. I obviously didn't read only four books make it like 40 but it was all worth it. It took me longer than before to chose what books I should share with you because this month there were so many good reads but I finally made my choice and I have chosen what books I want to share for this months.


Now I just want to put a Disclaimer, I am straight but I really have a guilty pleasure for gay romance. Now I don't know why that is but it is just live a comment down below if you are like me it will really be fun to know that I am not alone. I will definitely let you guys know if any of the books I recommend for you is gay so that if you don't read those you have a fair warning. But I will really urge you to open your horizon and try new things.

The four books for this month are all romance novels obviously because that is my favorite genre but I do read others let me know if you want more genres. The first book on this list is a gay romance novel and it has volumes 1-5 so it is like five different books. so yeah enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1.  Mary Calmes _ A Matter of Time 1-5
  2. Amanda Bouchet _ A Promise of Fire
  3. M.L Buchman _ Hot Point
  4. Sarah Morgan _ The Prince's Waitress Wife