So I went to the museum this week and it has been a long time since I actually went to one like 6months or so. My sister really wanted to go to the art museum and I decided to tag along. I really have to go to museums more because honestly, it was really cul. It is actually really cyl to see all the art paintings and portraits. I actually had so much fun there. we, unfortunately, went on a rainy day which made it a little hard to take out doos pictures. I will definitely urge you all to go to your local museums and just make a day of it most of them are free or don't cost a lot you will actually enjoy it. definitely, let me know if you go.

For the fashion part, I actually was pretty chill and casual because it was gloomy. you definitely could wear whatever you want to the museum but I prefer to be very casual. I decided to wear a burgundy sweatshirt from forever21, a pair of dark washed jeans from forever21, black leather bomber jacket from rainbow.com, a belt from Vince Camuto, a bag from bcbg, my scarf from forever21 and my vans from Amazon.

After writing this post I actually found it really interesting that almost everything I wore was from forever21, do you ever have moments like this. honestly, it was not planned I just picked this outfit out because they were so comfy.


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